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Search engines results are generated based on hundreds of ranking factors. Click Through Rate in the SERP is one of the ranking factors which helps search engines to understand whether the users found the listing useful or not. For example if your page is listed in the 2nd page of search result and over a period of time if you don’t get enough clicks ( when comparing with other pages listed in the same page ) there are chances that your rank may drop further.

How to improve the Click Through Rate?

There are 2 updates that would help you improve the CTR in the Search Result Page:

  1. Meta Title

The Title tag of your web page will be displayed as the title for your web page listing in SERP. Title text will be the first impression for your website in the SERP. So make sure that the title text is more relevant to the keywords you target for the landing page. The ideal length of the title need to be 65-70 characters, beyond which the title text will be clipped from the listing.

Title Tag Format: <title>your title text</title>

     2. Meta Description

Meta Description of your website page might be displayed as the .descriptions of your web page listing in SERP. It may help the users to get an idea about the services / products you offer / your business. The ideal length of the meta description is 135-150 characters. So it is important to convey the message effectively with that character limit.

Meta Description Format: <meta name="description" content="your meta description can be added here"/>


In some cases the search engine may ignore your meta description and build its own copy of description from your web page. So some webmasters don’t add meta description to their web page and still get their page ranked for the target keywords.