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Content WritingFor the last few years, there were lots of changes happening in the SEO industry. Webmasters have changed the way they build backlinks for their websites. However, guest post based link building has been one of the important techniques to acquire back links. In a recent post in Google’s official blog , they have reminded the webmasters of Guest Post websites to take care of the quality of the content published on their websites. Also, they have mentioned “Hiring article writers who don’t have enough knowledge on the topics” is one of the practices which are against Google’s guidelines on link schemes.

Guest Posts & Guest Authors

A guest post is really meant for a piece of article/blog post that would be contributed by an Industry Expert. That is the best thing about it. But nowadays guest blogs are used as a platform for acquiring links by the webmasters. Also, the Guest Blog owners mostly don’t check the professional background and expertise of the authors. That makes the way for content writers who don’t have enough knowledge in content writing and the content quality is compromised.

What Content Writers Do?

Most of the content writers working in/for SEO agencies can write content on anything as far as they get some reference links/pages. Also, their content will pass through all the quality checks done by the agency. This is called content curation. It will not get much attention from the audience.

Subject Matter Experts

Instead of depending on content writers, if someone else can write about the real problems faced by the users and the solution for the same provided that they have years of experience in that area, won’t it be good? These subject matter expert need to be utilized in content marketing. This subject matter expert may be the Sales Manager, Customer Support Member, Product Manager or even CEO/Founder of your business. They can come up with expert advice to the audience. That would be the best piece of content that can help you get hundred or thousands of links to your website.

Best Way To Work

As link building and content marketing become more complicated nowadays, it’s important to get support and contributions on these activities from the subject matter experts in your business on a regular basis. That will help to build your brand in the digital space.