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SEO Best Career OptionSo you’re shifting your focus on building a career and are exploring a wide variety of options. Surely, you must have come across SEO or Search Engine Optimization and are wondering if it is a sustainable career with long terms prospects which suit your personality. There’s no single answer to it as there are multiple factors at play, which also depend on your interests and what type of career prospects/work environment you have in mind.

Who should consider taking up SEO?

SEO basically deals with marketing and strategy. So if you’re a person who has a keen interest on it, it’s a green flag for you. There are multiple roles an SEO specialist may fit into. These include, but are not limited to, Analyst, Executive, Content Head, Adwords Specialist, Digital Marketing Manager, Link developing specialist, SEO consultant, etc. Or you could choose to be a freelanceror get into SEO training which is what most people have been showing an inclination to these days.

Why take up SEO as a career?

SEO offers a very diverse career path with amazing possibilities and prospects for the future. With time, SEO trends keep changing and so will your work profile, the people you work with, etc. Moreover, you’ll have to conduct constant research into the market statistics and trends to stay one step ahead of your competitors. Another advantage is that, based on the amount of dedication you put into it, you’ll have the opportunity to work with big brands and companies all over the world. If you’re someone who values flexibility over fixed work hours, SEO is a sure-shot to achieve just that. In other words, it is very likely that you’ll never get bored of doing it.

How is SEO a sustainable career choice?


  • Google’s dominance – As long as you have search engines, your career as a SEO specialist is going to thrive. This is because companies want to appear in online searches but search engines, especially Google, keep changing their algorithms and variables. Since companies may not have the time, effort or skill to keep updating and optimizing their websites, they are definitely going to need SEO specialists who can focus their entire attention on it.
  • Big brands are ready to pay – Be it a big brand or a small one, everyone knows that a core principle that makes a huge difference in their traffic and sales is SEO. That’s why they’re ready to pay for SEO training
  • More Start-ups – The number of start-ups is on the rise – be it apps or websites or companies that are looking forward to sell on ecommerce platforms. This trend is predicted to keep increasing in the years to come – meaning the demand for SEO professionals shows an upward trend.
  • Competition – These days, everyone is going online for everything – the consumer as well as producer. Although this is supposed to be beneficial, there are millions of competitors for the same product online. In such a competition, only the website with the best visibility is going to thrive. This is another reason why SEO trainingis in so much demand and is opted for by professionals.
  • Renovation – Online market trends keep changing, making room for newer technology and products. And as long as there is competition, businesses will be forced to keep updating their online presence and employ SEO specialists to help their products stay ahead in the race.
  • Improving Brand Value – Being an SEO specialist also means that you will have to have good command over the language and present your client’s products in the best light possible. Your content should have the relevant keywords while also be written in a lucid manner that will prompt the customers to make purchases.


While you can move forward without being concerned about what the future holds for this specific career option, understand that it requires as much hard work as anything else. So, if you’re looking forward to venture into Search Engine Optimization in 2018, you can easily do so by opting for the right SEO training program.